Hard Boiled Egg Shell Tip

So Simple – How to Shell a Hard-Boiled Egg!


Have you ever bitten into a piece of  egg-shell in an egg salad sandwich?

I’ve had that experience, yuk! 

Fresh eggs are notoriously difficult to peel, but who wants to cook old eggs?

The trick to perfect hard-boiled eggs is to cook them gently and completely for about 10 minutes, them immerse them in cold tap water. When cool enough to handle, gently crack the shell and slip a teaspoon (upside-down) between the cooked egg and the delicate shell lining. Don’t be in a hurry ..the shell will slip off easily as you move the spoon along the curve of the egg. Rinse eggs thoroughly to remove any bits of shell.

Use in your favourite recipe and never worry again that your guests might discover a piece of egg-shell in their food!

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