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Easter Brunch Quiche

This Easter Sunday my family will celebrate the joy of the season by coming together at my home to share brunch.
We are all looking forward to welcoming two of my cousins and their wives from England and Canada who will join us!
My daughter and I planned the menu all week. She will prepare her signature guacamole dish, (recipe on page 7 in my cookbook) and a new favourite drink, Sangria Punch- Arizona style.


My eldest son and his wife plan to make the wpid-img_20140116_161135.jpgCrepes Suzettes, my personal favourite. My middle son is handing all the crucial Canadian bacon-related details.  My youngest son will make sure we have Grand Marnier on hand for the crepes as well as guarantee lots of fresh picked pink grapefruit for the juicer. Fresh squeezed juice for 14 guests! Delicious..

A pint of Quebec Maple Syrup stands ready for the pancakes!
I remember when I used to handle all the planning and cooking details for every family get- together,  but I discovered that it’s more fun when the entire family gets involved working together and creating in the kitchen and I can take a step back. It’s such a joy to share my little kitchen with all the accomplished “cooks” in my loving family.

Oh..I almost forgot…Yes I’m planning to make a little something, too. wpid-20150327_144931-1.jpgThe Quiche recipe I prepared for Vera’s Birthday party was well received – so I’ll make it again! This time I’ll prepare it the night before and serve it warmed up or cold for brunch the next day.

My Quiche Recipe is below. Questions? Reach out to me via Face Book: Vickie Kerr, Real Miss Vickie

Have a Happy Easter!



  • bacon slices 8
  • Eggs beaten 4
  • Light cream or half and half 2 cups
  • Broccoli chopped 1 cup
  • onion chopped in small peices 1/2 cup
  • mushrooms sliced 1 cup
  • cheddar cheese grated 1 cup
  • nutmeg 1/8 tsp
  • butter dot the top 1 tbsp
  • salt , pepper to taste

Line an unbaked 9 inch pie shell (pastry recipe Page 104 0f Miss Vickie’s Kitchen) with pie weights or tin foil so it doesn’t bubble. Bake shell at 425F until almost golden, about 15-18 minutes while you are preparing the filling.  Remove tin foil after 10-12 minutes and continue baking until the pastry looks almost cooked. The pastry should be warm when you fill it with the egg mixture.


Steam the broccoli and set aside.

Cook the bacon until almost crispy. Set aside on paper towel to drain.

Sautee the onions  in the bacon fat.

Crumble bacon when cool and transfer to bottom of the baked warm pie shell.

Add the onions and the fat to the bacon. Add broccoli and mushroom slices.

Sprinkle cheese over the bacon, broccoli and onion. Add salt or pepper here to taste.

In a medium bowl beat eggs, cream and seasonings.

Pour over the bacon & cheese.

Dot with butter

Bake immediately in a 425 degree F oven for 15 minutes

Reduce heat to 325 degrees F and bake for 30 minutes more, or until a knife inserted comes out clean. The center of the quiche should still look a bit wobbly, but it will continue to cook for after it’s removed from the oven. Cool ten minutes before cutting into pie shaped wedges.



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