Birthdays are a Hoot!

I love to cook and bake, so when my daughter planned a BIG birthday party for my firstborn granddaughter in March I offered to help with the menu for brunch. Vera turned one year old and the theme of her party was to be owls. I always prepare Deviled Eggs (recipe on page 8 in my cookbook) for family get togethers, but this time my daughter requested I make the eggs look like owls!


Here’s how to make them:
Cook the eggs until hard-boiled.(10-12 minutes)
Slice each egg in half and remove yolks and mash well in a bowl, adding enough salad dressing (like Miracle Whip) to make a thick paste.
Season yolks with dry mustard, salt, pepper.
The next step requires stuffing a pastry/piping bag with the yolk mixture. (use can use plastic bag )
Fill the egg white halves with yolk using a pastry tip to resemble feathers.
Slice drained black olives for the round eyes (a small bit for inside the eye)
A tiny triangular carrot slice creates the beak!

Awesome pineapple owl!

The children and adults loved it!

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